Dogs at Bryn Adda

We love dogs at the house, and hope that your dogs will love it too!


On arrival, in the porch we provide:


  • 2 Dog Washing Buckets / Low Pails

  • Dog Towels (which are the brown ones in the house)

  • 3 Dog Bowls

  • 1 Water Bowl

  • A few Poo Bags in a cigar tin (there are more in the kitchen dresser drawers)

  • At the back door, dog towels will be hung on the hooks to the side • Please bring your own dog shampoo.


A few reminders for our newly decorated house / gardens / fields:


  • Most of our guests visit without dogs. It is our aim that both dog owners and non dog owners enjoy a thoroughly cleaned house for their visit, and our cleaning team strive to make this happen.

  • Please - No dogs on the furniture (including the beds), or on the carpeted areas.  Use the stair gate provided, which will be installed at the bottom of the stair case in the dining room, and keep the far kitchen door closed (the one nearest the back door to prevent dogs running upstairs to the carpeted areas). Please note that the stair gate is not very secure on the wide staircase and should not be used for children.

  • If your dog is dirty, please wash thoroughly with the pails in the porch and dry thoroughly with the towels provided before coming into the house. 

  • Please pick up dog mess and throw in brambles or nettles, then throw the empty bag in the waste bin. It keeps the smell down in the bin and also naturally decomposes.

  • The garden is not secure, especially at the front along the steep lane up to the driveway entrance.

  • Farm animals - In the field at the back of the house, there is typically sheep or cows grazing.  If the field is empty, you are welcome to exercise your dog off lead in that field, but please double check there are no animals before letting your dog off.  Often, cattle and sheep are curious about people in the garden.  Please keep dogs under control in the garden, especially small dogs that can squeeze between the fence posts, and potentially chase the sheep or cattle.  Note: Cattle are more likely to chase dogs than people.  If this happens, leave your dog to make their own getaway.

  • Please keep your dog under control at all times and never allow it to chase or run near the sheep. This is particularly important during lambing time (March to May).

Thank you so much!